Project meetings

NEWA annual meeting, Pamplona

The annual NEWA meeting has taken place in Pamplona this week. Project members from all around Europe have arrived to share their current work results, coordinate the microscale and mesoscale simulations, plan the remaining measurement campaigns, discuss on data storage, distribution and analysis, plan the remaining tasks and visit the Alaiz test site.

NEWA Annual Meeting  
Pamplona, 24-26 April 2017  
Venue: Hotel Tres Reyes, Calle Taconera 1, Pamplona, Spain  
Monday 24 April 2017  
09:00 to 17:00 Steering Committee meeting
  Presentations on microscale and mesoscale modeling, experiments, predictability, sensitivity, uncertainties, wind atlas, NEWA interface
Tuesday 25 April 2017  
09:00 to 17:00 Presentations on benchmarking strategy, experiment data analysis, coupling, downscaling, validation, databases
Wednesday 26 April 2017  
09:00 to 18:00 Project planning, meeting schedule, experiments, model chain, NEWA database, dissemination, NEWA blog, NEWAfoam workshop, model-chain, Alaiz experiment design, Visit to Alaiz
Alaiz campaign

Coordinates for the Alaiz campaign

For the setup of the wind measurement campaign to be performed around the Alaiz wind turbine test site, we are performing coordinate measurements to identify potential positions for the WindScanners. The locations must comply the requirements of good visibility for the Alaiz or Tajonar ridges and electricity access. The visit was an excellent opportunity to embrace the arrival of spring with a sunny day!